frequently asked questions

Once I am appointed as your Celebrant, I will contact you to arrange to discuss the service with you, so that we can create a memorable occasion for your loved one together.

Many people are not sure what to expect, so it may help you to prepare by taking a look at the following answers to the most frequently asked questions.

A Celebrant is someone who can help you create a funeral or ceremony that is right for you and honours your loved one. They will conduct the service and take on the main speaking role.

Yes, most family meetings take place in the home. I’ll come and visit you at a mutually agreed time that’s convenient for you. If it’s not convenient, or circumstances dictate, we can set up a Zoom, Facetime or phone call instead, which works just as well.

It’s entirely up to you. Some people prefer to deal with things on their own, others want family and friends around them for support or to share memories of their loved one.

I’ll be guiding and advising you and making practical suggestions about the content and the structure of the service. We’ll start by planning the Order of Service and go through some ideas together. 

We’ll then move onto speaking about your loved one, so it would really help if you could have a think about the following to get us started. 

  • Specific readings, poems or music that you would like to include
  • Important people that played a significant part in their life or were dear to them
  • Significant events – place and date of birth, marriage
  • Where they lived and worked
  • Their hobbies, interests, achievements and highlights
  • Words that describe them
  • What they will be remembered for
  • Humorous stories or anecdotes
  • Particular things they would say
  • Whether they held any beliefs (religious or otherwise) or philosophies on life and death
  • Any cultural traditions that need to be followed
  • Were they ‘a bit of a character’? Tell me all about them!

Yes please. I would love to see a photograph of your loved one to help me get to know them better. It doesn’t have to be a paper photograph – a picture on your phone or computer is just as good.

On average our meeting will take around one and a half hours.

I’ll take lots of notes during our meeting and after my visit I’ll use these to draft the script for the service. I don’t use a standard template – every single service I conduct is completely unique. I’ll then share my draft with you for your approval. 

Anyone who wants to. I always encourage family and friends, to take part in the service if they would like to. It’s possible that you might find it too difficult to speak on the day, in which case, I can read your words for you. 

Yes, I can help you to find something fitting that reflects the personality of your loved one.

Definitely. Musical tributes can make a beautiful contribution to the service.

You can have whatever you want. You can have a semi-religious service or just include a small religious element. It’s entirely up to you. 

Yes, I encourage you to be as creative as you want to make the occasion more personal and create fond memories for everyone. Some people also like to bring a little humour to  a sad event. 

Special touches could be symbolic, such as lighting a candle, or include asking family and close friends to act as pall bearers or asking people to wear certain colours. You could place a large framed photo of your loved one, or an item of significance, in a prominent position or lay single stem flowers or a favourite book or hat on the coffin during the service or invite people to write messages and stick them to the coffin. 


The funeral service usually lasts between 20 and 30 minutes. If you find that you need more time, you could consider booking an extra slot, if this is available, through your Funeral Director. Other ceremonies may be shorter or longer in duration.

Absolutely. I’ll send you a draft of the full service to make sure that whatever I say is accurate and reflects your wishes for your loved one.

On the day of the funeral or ceremony, I’ll be at the venue waiting for you. I’ll lead the service and read the script that that has been agreed between us. I’ll also direct you to come and speak, sing or play, if you are participating in the service.

I can help with planning a funeral in advance, scattering and interment of ashes ceremonies, memorial and remembrance services.

I hope I have answered all your questions, however if you want to know more, please don’t hesitate to contact me

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