As well as leading funeral services I can help with other ceremonies
that you may wish to hold for your loved one.

Memorial and remembrance services

Memorial services help us to remember our loved ones and keep them close to our hearts. These ceremonies tend to be less formal and can be held on a date that has special meaning, such as their birthday or the anniversary of their death.

You can even choose to hold the service in a location that has personal significance such as a favourite park or restaurant so that you can remember them in your own way.

Planning a funeral service in advance

Planning your own funeral can provide peace of mind for you and your family. Making plans now, means that your family won’t have to second guess what you would have wanted. They’ll know you were remembered exactly as you wanted to be and this can be a source of great comfort to your family during a very difficult, emotional time.

Sometimes a terminally ill person may wish to discuss arrangements and I can visit at home or in hospital. This may save the family a lot of distress and make it easier when the time arrives for the funeral arrangements to be made.

Scattering or interment of ashes

Whether it’s straight after the funeral or a long while afterwards, I can help you welcome your loved one to their final resting place with a beautiful and meaningful ceremony at the graveside or a place of your choosing.


Together we’ll create something that is truly memorable and comforting on this most important of days

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